Bad Breath in Children

What causes Bad Breath in Children?

Your kids should always brush their teeth before bedtime, and when they wake up in the morning. Enforcing this habit is great for their developing teeth. It can also prevent bad breath from becoming problematic. Bad breath can be caused by things other than oral health, though. Here are other common reasons for bad breath in children, and some solutions for preventing and treating bad breath.

Sinus Infection

If your kids complain about a sore throat or stuffy nose, it might be a sinus infection and not just a regular cold. Sinus infections can cause fluid to stick around in the throat and nasal passages. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to form. Bad breath caused from sinus issues can’t be treated only from brushing your teeth and mouthwash. If your child has a severe sore throat or painful nasal passages, contact your doctor so that antibiotics can help combat the bad breath and get your child healthy again.

Foreign Objects

This is not something that parents commonly think about when their child has bad breath. However, an object getting suck in your child’s nasal passages can cause bad breath. Kids often insert small objects like food, beads, or toys into their nostrils. If an object gets stuck in your child’s nasal passages it can cause an odd, stinky smell. If you’ve exhausted other options, and think maybe your child got too curious and could have lodged something in his or her nostrils, call your doctor to get the object taken out.


If your child is complaining of pain in the back of their throat, and their breath has been bad, you can always check their tonsils. Instruct your child to open his or her mouth, grab a flashlight, and take a look. If your child’s tonsils are healthy, they should be pink and have no spots. If they are infected, they can have white spots, they can be red, inflamed, and often have a bad odor. The smell of the infection and the bacteria that collects in swollen tonsils can cause very bad breath. If your child has inflamed tonsils, be sure to take him or her to the doctor so that an antibiotic can get rid of the pain and bad breath.

bad breath in childrenDry Mouth

Kids run around a lot. They run on the playground, they run around in your backyard, and they run with their sports teams. Kids often don’t understand the importance of drinking water, so they get dehydrated very easily. When children play sports, their bad breath is often caused by a lack of fluids. This can cause a dry mouth, and there is less saliva being produced to wash away smelly bacteria. Too little saliva can also cause cavities and tooth decay, so it’s very important for your kids to stay hydrated!

It’s important to remember that bad breath can also be caused by poor oral hygiene habits. Be sure to encourage your kids to brush twice a day, and make sure none of these other problems are causing your child’s bad breath!