10 Reasons To Quit Teeth Grinding, 4 Ways To Stop

shutterstock_67571734Do you wake up in the morning with your jaw clenched? Do you have sensitive teeth? Are the tips of your teeth worn down? You may suffer from bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding – caused by a voluntary or involuntary contraction of your facial muscles – is harmful to your oral health. If you don’t think it’s a big deal, consider this: teeth grinding can create between 250 to 600 pounds per square inch on your first molar.


 Teeth grinding can have any of the following symptoms/effects:

1.Gum or periodontal disease. This is where the attachment fibers around your teeth break down due to trauma and, as a result, your teeth grow loose.

2.Cracks in teeth. Usually these are small, but when you have large silver-colored or amalgam fillings, grinding can cause much larger cracks.
3.Abfraction lesions. This is where you start losing enamel close to the gum-line, causing scooped-out lesions. These lead to sensitivity and weakening of the tooth structure, which may mean additional fillings.
4.Sensitivity. Sensitivity caused by tooth grinding can mimic that caused by cavities.
5.Damage to crowns or veneers. Most often, grinding causes the failure of fillings and veneers on anterior teeth.
6.Excessive damage to teeth opposing porcelain crowns.
7.Tempero-mandibular joint problems, which causes clicking and popping of the jaw.
8.Limited opening of your mouth.
10.Sore facial muscles.

The bottom line – teeth grinding is bad news, and it should be addressed like any other medical condition.teethgrinding

Prevention and Treatment
1.The best way to prevent teeth grinding is by reducing stress and anxiety. There are many to do this, but I recommend meditation and yoga. Just 20 minutes of meditation before sleeping will lessen teeth grinding.
2.While most teeth grinding is stress-related, it can sometimes result from misalignment of teeth. One way to be sure is to see a dentist in Jupiter.
3.Also, sleeping on your back tends to reduce teeth grinding because it allows your mouth to open up a little. If possible, avoid sleeping on your side or stomach.
4.The best treatment for teeth grinding is to use a nightguard, which is a mouthpiece that keeps your teeth from making contact and distributes the force of clenching evenly across your teeth.

Best of luck with stopping your teeth grinding.  If you are looking for a dentist in Jupiter, look no further thanShoreline Smiles and make an appointment today.