The Silent Disease In Your Mouth

gum-diseaseDid you know that every three out of four of adults in America have a disease in their mouths that they don’t know exists? A disease that — if left untreated — can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke?

Gum disease is the silent disease in your mouth. And it’s not being properly diagnosed. Studies have found that only 13% of dental offices across the country are using the proper method of diagnosis, which involves taking measurements of the pockets around your teeth. At Shoreline Smiles we take gum disease seriously and perform an in-depth analysis of all of our patients’ gum health.

But Where’s The Pain?

I am often asked by my patients, “Why don’t I feel any pain if I have gum disease?” The answer to that question is that pain is on it’s way. While early on you may not feel discomfort, the pain sets in the severe stages of gum disease. Unfortunately, when it reaches this stage, the gum disease is not reversible.

5 Signs That You Have Moderate To Severe Gum Disease

1. Your gums bleed profusely upon brushing or flossing

2. You have bad breath

3. Your teeth feel mobile

4. Your gums are red, swollen and/or receded

5. Your teeth hurt while chewing

Like any other medical condition, gum disease is serious and needs to be treated. It’s best to catch it in it’s early stages when it can be reversed. And with proper maintenance, you can keep the disease in remission.

Now that you’re more aware of gum disease, schedule an appointment with Shoreline Smiles and have us take a look. While you’re there, be sure to ask your friendly Shoreline Smiles dentist about how to keep your gums looking healthy.